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Discover Our Process

(We cannot gurantee you will love it, but we have confidence)


Goals can be more complex than we initially think. We identify your specific wellness goals, and gather important information for setting your strategic path to success.


Now that we know your goal, we work with you to see what will help keep you on track.


The gears  turning, the analysis is flowing , and the design of your personalized action plan is in the works.


Time  to discuss your  action and make any last minute adjustments. Your goals are now within reach and we look forward to seeing you achieve them!

Our Services


Our coaches develop personalized programs to focus on improving upon the abilities of strength, endurance, flexibility and stability. Focus on these areas help to improve the quality of your physical training, daily movement, and injury and pain prevention without limits.


Food relationships are often been dictated by outside variables; family, media and propaganda. Our coaches and advisors, help you define your relationship to food; discovering your control how food can energize, mentally destabilize, or physically optimize function.

Mental Focus/Energy

Mental focus and energy often seem like “fluffy” goals that cannot be achieved. Our coaches can support you in discovering ways to improve your mental focus and energy; aiding in improving your overall decision making, relationships and managing your daily routine.


Recovery is often linked to sleep; though being the body’s best natural way of recovery, maximizing your downtime can also be an ally. Our coaches can assist you in improving downtime quality to help you find a sustainable balance in your everyday life.

Tailor-made programs

We like cookies but not cookie cutter. Each of our programs is completely customized for every individual
Precise goal setting
It all starts with our strategy session. This where we define your primary goal and sub goals.
Action planning
Every goal needs a plan for success. Together we build your customized action plan, putting your goals within reach.
Life is flexible and so are we. Our packages offer flexibility to match your life.
Multiple modalities
One size does not fit all therefore we offer an array of modalities from strength training to massage.
Better results
Structured planning, program tracking and accountability help maintain a focused effort for better results.
Well organized
Utilizing almost 2 decades of experience in the health and wellness fields, we have created a proprietary system that is both highly variable and simultaneously systematic. Come see for yourself!

Sample Packages

I am
Feeling it out
1 ME Obligation
2 Private coaching sessions per month 1 Group session/event per week

I am
Working on it
1 ME Obligation
1 Private coaching sessions per week 1 Group session/event per week

I am
1 ME Obligation
2 Private coaching sessions per week Unlimited Group session/event per week
I am
All in
1 ME Obligation
3 Private coaching sessions per week Unlimited Group session/event per week

Real Stories from Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories.
Ramon and Kris created a custom strength program tailored to my goals/needs and I’ve gotten so much stronger. Scheduling is flexible and there’s plenty of variety with exercises and equipment. Sarah S. Sr. Ops and Inventory Manager, Vivino
The team at The Clark Technique aren't ordinary personal trainers - they're mentors, allies and companions on your journey to a healthier, fittier and more productive self. There are lots of personal trainers; many of them are well qualfied and will likely to help you see results. But if you are interested in not only changing your waist line but your entire lifestyle, The Clark Technique is the only choice. Zachary B. Partner at Salmon Ricchezza Singer & Turchi LLP
For years I’ve tried new fitness programs but I have always given up, either because of injury, travel getting in the way, or lack of motivation. In just a couple of months I feel stronger, more confident, and excited to keep going! Joshua K. Head of Global Innovation and Technology Public Policy, Netflix
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Why  Our Advisors

Our advisers aspire for mastery, possessing mutliple skillsets and amazing personalities! Driven by sustainable results, they help you reach your strategic goals. With specialties in fitness, nutrition, weight loss, yoga, pilates, dance, feldenkrais, and more we are bound to have the adviser(s) for you!

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